Tehran (IP) - Secretary-General of the Iranian Red Crescent Society said that from the unset of the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran 'Pious Help' exercises have been implemented in the country several times.

Iran PressIran news: In a Sunday exclusive interview with Iran Press, Mohammadhassan Ghosian said that 170 billion Tomans donations had been collected in both cash and non-cash in the country, aiming to help those who have been hit by the COVID-19.

Ghosian highlighting the international humanitarian aid and noted that an amount of 200 billion Tomans donations have also been sent to Iran via the federation, out of which 42 billion Tomans were cash.

Speaking to Iran Press on the sidelines of the 10th round of Pious Help exercise, Ghosian stated that today nearly 4,420 packages of food and disinfectant have collected to be dispatched as in the form of pious help to all Tehran's towns and suburbs.

The packages include oil, lagoon, grain, anti-coronavirus items like face masks and disinfectants, he said.

"Today's help is 150 million Tomans worth and will be distributed to those who have been impacted by the coronavirus," Secretary-General of the Iranian Red Crescent concluded.

The 10th round of 'Pious Help' exercises was held at Shahr-e-Rey, Tehran, on January 16, 2021.


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