Middle East (IP)-One of the leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) stated that the Israelis are playing with fire, and the occupiers have intensified the persecution of Palestinian detainees in prisons.

Iran PressMiddle East: About 4,500 Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails. The inhumane conditions and torture of Palestinian prisoners by the Israelis have led to numerous Palestinian demonstrations in support of the prisoners, as well as frequent hunger strikes by Palestinian prisoners.

"We are watching the situation of the Palestinian prisoners and we will never leave them alone," Hamas leader Hussein Abu Kwik said.

Hamas's warning comes hours after dozens of Palestinians were injured in clashes in Hebron on Wednesday.

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Palestinians living in the Al-Arab camp north of Hebron clashed with Israeli occupiers who had attacked the camp on Wednesday.

Israeli forces fired on the Palestinians with bullets and tear gas, injuring dozens of Palestinians.

Three people were shot and dozens were suffocated when tear gas was inhaled, local sources said.


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