Tehran (IP) - The Palestinian prisoners' organization announced that the prisoners in a Israeli prison have decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike.

Iran PressMiddle East: For some time now, the actions of the Israeli prison officials to put pressure on the Palestinian prisoners have increased, and tensions have arisen in these prisons.

The Palestinian prisoners' organization released a statement saying: "The hunger strike of the Palestinian prisoners is in protest of the punitive and targeted actions of the Israeli prison authorities, the latest examples of which are the ban on visiting families and extensive changes in the ventilation system."

Meanwhile, the supreme council of the Islamic Jihad prisoners in the Israeli regime's prisons on Saturday called for the start of the 'insurgency against the prison guards' and announced that this action is in line with announcing the 'beginning of the great intifada'.

This intifada will take place with one discourse, one movement and one leadership in the presence of all Palestinian groups present in the Israeli prisons.

It is worth mentioning that the number of prisoners in Israeli prisons is about 4,650, of which 160 are children, and 34 are women. Six hundred of these prisoners are sick, and four of them have cancer.


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