Palestine (IP) - One of the leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), referring to Israel's crime of martyring two Palestinians in a refugee camp in the West Bank, stressed that the Israeli regime will pay the price for its crime.

Iran PressMiddle East: "I offer my condolences to the Palestinian people on the martyrdom of these two heroic Palestinians," Ismail Rezvan told Iran Press on the sidelines of the funeral ceremony of two Palestinian martyrs in the Jenin camp.

He added: "We hold the occupying regime responsible for such crimes against our nation, and declare that the pure blood of these martyrs will cause an uprising against this regime. We salute our nation for its resilience, stability and perseverance in the Jenin and the West Bank."

The senior Hamas member stressed that the West Bank declares once again that it has been and will continue to be a supporter of resistance.

He further stated: "The response to this crime will be by intensifying the resistance in the conflict areas until the destruction of the occupiers and their expulsion from our land and sanctuaries."


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