Tehran (IP) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says Westerners support killing the Yemeni people but they call for an end to the Ukraine crisis.

Iran Press/Iran news: Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, delivered a speech on the anniversary of Eid Mab’ath on Tuesday.

His remarks came as the Russian operation in Ukraine continues into the sixth day, the “double standards” of the Western media in covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict have attracted criticism worldwide.

The Russian special operation in Ukraine began on Thursday after President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to enter Ukraine, following months of a heavy military build-up on the border.

Putin says he had no other choice than to launch the military operation to stop the Ukrainian military’s interference in two eastern republics that have broken away from Ukraine. Russia perceives NATO’s eastward expansion as a threat.

Pointing to the West’s double standards in dealing with the crisis in Ukraine, Ayatollah Khamenei said the Western countries support killing the Yemeni people, but they call for an end to the Ukraine crisis.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution added that both the Ukraine president and the ex-Afghan president acknowledged that the US left them alone.

He underlined that Ukraine is a victim of US policies and Iran sought an end to the war.

Ayatollah Khamenei said the Western society uses science and knowledge to slaughter people and plunder other nations, adding: "Everything in today's world is used to empower companies and cartels, as well as science, is used to kill people. Somewhere using this science, they make vaccines that save lives, and elsewhere they use them to make weapons that kill tens of times as many as those who have been saved."

Stating that the Western civilization today is suffering from modern ignorance, he added: "The American regime is a perfect example of modern ignorance. This regime is crisis-prone and breathes within crises, and it feeds by creating a crisis in the world."

Ukraine a victim of US policies

"The US is a mafia regime and Ukraine is also a victim of US policies. The United States disrupted the stability of the country by interfering in its affairs and organizing rallies and creating color Revolutions," Ayatollah Khamenei said.

"America is a regime in which immorality is promoted, discrimination is increasing exponentially, national wealth is being exploited by the rich and wealthy," he noted.

"A country as rich as the United States is in a situation where people die on the streets when the heat and cold intensify. What do these events mean?" he asked.

Ayatollah Khamenei said the “Mafia regime in the US” needs to create crises globally and in West Asia in particular.

Mab’ath, a gift to all humanity

Pointing to the history of Islam, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said Prophet Muhammad managed to unite people after they embraced Islam as religion.

“The Mab’ath (prophetic mission) of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a gift to all humanity,” he added.

“Islam calls for rationality and the expansion of rationality, which is very important and there are tens and maybe hundreds of cases in the Qur’an that the Almighty God has invited the audience and individuals to think with different terms,” Ayatollah Khamenei noted.

“Regarding the development of moral concepts and fostering morality, it is enough to say that Islam has mentioned the goals of Mab’ath (prophetic mission), morality, and purification at the height of its teachings,” added the Leader.

“The prophetic mission of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) realized something that seemed impossible, and that was to make people of the Arabian Peninsula in the age of ignorance a virtuous nation. The people of Saudi Arabia at that time were aimless, extremely ignorant and suffering from great seditions, lack of knowledge and ethics, etc. However, they were extremely arrogant, violent, and stubborn,” he said.

“But the Holy Prophet (PBUH) made of these people a nation that was united, virtuous, self-sacrificing, and had the highest moral virtues. And then in less than 20 years, they gained worldwide fame and were able to spread their thoughts and ideas,” Ayatollah Khamenei noted.

“When the will of individuals is subject to the divine will, human beings can do things that seem impossible. The same prophetic experience is repeated throughout history; this experience, of course, happened with some differences for the Iranian nation, and that was the eradication of the monarchy in this country,” he added, pointing to the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

“This was while the supporters of this monarchy were the United States, Britain, and even the former Soviet Union that all were defending the Pahlavi regime, but the Iranian nation was able to achieve the eradication of this regime," he added.

Religion and politics not separated

"Contrary to some people's belief in the separation of religion and politics, the pinnacle of the prophetic movement was the formation of a state," noted the Leader.

"The Prophet confronted ignorance, but today moral vices are happening vigorously in the civilized world, and today's world is the world of greed, and the basis of today's world is greed and money, and everything is measured by money," he said.

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