Tehran (IP) - The closing ceremony of the 2nd National Festival of Fath Translators was held with the theme of translating and compiling resistance literature into the world's living languages.

Iran PressIran News: The closing ceremony of the second edition of Fath National Translators Festival, which commenced last year with the translating and compiling the literature of resistance in the living languages ​​of the world as the topic, in the form of holding a series of specialized meetings to translate and compose the literature of resistance and sacred defense in different languages.

The ceremony was held with the presence of Top Brass military and national officials, a number of the families of the martyrs and foreign guests were held at the International Conference Center of the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense in Tehran.

167 Translated works on the axes of poetry and literature of resistance, introducing characters based on resistance, lifestyle and educational patterns of resistance, life and memories of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution from the holy defense to the martyrs defending the shrine, as well as the life and school of  Lt General Haj Qasem Soleimani were submitted to the festival, and at the end, the winners were honored, and six books in English were unveiled.

Mohammad Mahdi Imanipour, head of the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, said at the ceremony: "Sacred defense books and their translations will be very welcomed provided they suit the taste of the audience."

Referring to the strong attraction of the Holy Defense for foreigners, he said: "In Russia and Germany, we sent people to the Holy Defense areas where they were very impressed by the spiritual atmosphere there."

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad Mahdi Ismaili, who developed covid-19, spoke in a video conference at the ceremony.

Referring to the importance of translation in conveying the message of the Islamic Revolution to the world, he said: "The message of our revolution is a global one. Wherever in the world human beings hear this message, they welcome it."

According to him, the Ministry of Guidance intends to make five films in sacred defense every year, and in cooperation with different countries, these films will be screened in other parts of the world.


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