Tehran (IP) – Iranian foreign minister says the administration's foreign policy is cooperation and empathy with people, whether they are living in Iran or abroad.

Iran PressIran News: In the fifth Conference on the History of Iran’s Foreign Relations on the subject of Iranian societies abroad and Iran’s foreign policy, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian referred to the role of Iranian citizens around the world throughout history and stated: “This diplomatic presence has been effective.”

He noted that Iranian immigrants presented new models to the world with or without the support of governments.

Referring to holding the Council of Iranians Abroad meeting after eight years, he pointed out that the meeting promises a bright future, and the Iranian administration’s duty is to provide smooth and worry-free consular services.

Referring to the enemy’s efforts on Iranophobia, he said: “Some Iranians who have not traveled to Iran for many years are worried; in this regard, from Wednesday and simultaneously with the meeting of the Council of Iranians Abroad, Iranians can travel to Iran and make sure of their return.”

Pointing out that the laws for Iranians abroad are not comprehensive, Amir-Abdolhian said: “The law for the protection of Iranians abroad is on the government’s agenda, and we are trying to assign dual nationals to Iranians to solve this problem once and for all.”


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