Baku (IP) - The Iranian Foreign Minister announced the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Iranians to be chaired by the Iranian President.

Iran PressAsia: Hossein Amir-Abdolhian, in response to a question raised by Iran Press correspondent sent to Baku said: "In order to facilitate the travelling of Iranians to the country, the Supreme Council of Iranians will convene after about 4 years."

He pointed out that the preparations for this meeting had been done three months ago, and stressed that the Supreme Council of Iranians has six working groups, all of which work to facilitate and ease the problems of Iranians living abroad.

"Referring to the fact that Iranians living abroad have a population of about three to four million, the Iranian Foreign Minister said:

"We want to take action in the true sense of the word, not to allow a rift between the Iranians and their homeland, and to travel to Iran easily whenever they wish."

He added: "New facilities will be provided for those involved in the conscription system so that the educated Iranian community can play an important role in the growth of the country."


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