Tehran (IP) - A group of nurses and families of martyrs in defense of health met with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Sunday on the occasion of Nurse's Day and the birth of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH), the granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the sister of Imam Hussein (PBUH), the third Imam of Shia Muslims.

Iran PressIran news: In the calendar of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the birth anniversary of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) is celebrated as Nurse's Day.

She is best known for her courageous and eloquent role in supporting her brother, Imam Hussein (PBUH), at the time of his martyrdom in the Battle of Karbala and for protecting his family in the following months of Umayyad imprisonment.

Hazrat Zainab showed greatness of spiritual power of women


The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has stressed that Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) showed two points; One point is that a woman can be a great ocean of patience and endurance and the second is that a woman can be a pinnacle of wisdom and prudence.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution noted in the meeting that Hazrat Zainab was able to show the tremendous spiritual and intellectual capacity of women to all humankind and the whole world. "Hazrat Zainab was able to show the exaltation of a woman's status and the greatness of her spiritual, intellectual power."

Facts must be told; Otherwise enemy will tell lie

Addressing the artists, Ayatollah Khamenei underlined: "We have a lack of artistic narration in the field of narrating the difficulties of nurses' work. These have artistic themes, in the common sense in the language of art, these have dramatic themes. These can be used to make attractive art programs. Artists must come to the scene."

In another part of his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei said: "You must narrate the truths of your society, your country and your revolution. If you do not narrate, the enemy narrates; If you do not narrate the revolution, the enemy will narrate; If you do not narrate the incident of the holy defense, the enemy will narrate it, it will justify it, it will lie, it will change the oppressor and the oppressed with these lies."

The Leader added: "If you do not narrate the incident of capturing the spy den (former US embassy), which unfortunately you did not narrate, the enemy will narrate and has narrated. The enemy has falsely done it. This is what we have to do, this is the duty of our youth."


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