Tehran (IP) – Iran's president called the best method in the process of selecting ministers 'competence' and said that media pressure and friendship would not lead to the introduction of a minister.

Iran PressIran News: On Tuesday morning, President Ebrahim Raisi attended Parliament's open session to defend his proposed education minister.

Raisi stated that in the process of selecting the minister, workgroups were formed, and more than twenty people were interviewed; particular emphasis was placed on anti-corruption, having a revolutionary spirit, efficiency, and the spirit of change.

"Among all the studies conducted, Massoud Fayyazi enjoyed an acceptable and privileged position, and even a few former ministers of education approved of him," he added.

Pointing out that recommendations are not effective for introducing any official, Raisi stressed that the criterion for qualification is on him.

In defense of his proposed education minister, the president said: "He has been a teacher for many years and knows the class, education, and course content."

"Massoud Fayyazi has been the director-general of the education staff, sometimes he has been the designer of virtual education, he has been in charge of technology in the ministry and he is familiar with publishing," Raisi said.


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