Tehran (IP) - Emphasizing the need to support the domestic producers of COVID-19 vaccine, Iran’s President said that to support the efforts of these producers, pre-purchase of the domestic vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education must be prioritized.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus, Ebrahim Raisi described the work of domestic companies in producing COVID-19 vaccine very valuable and noted: “Supporting the production of domestic vaccines by these companies is one of the administration’s priorities, and in this regard, purchasing these products can make them more hopeful about continuing and expanding their activities.”

President Raisi emphasized refraining from any action that causes laxity in observing health protocols and stressed that the result of smartening some restrictions should not cause normalization and laxity in observing health protocols.

Underlining the control of commute through land, sea, and air borders, Raisi added: “Considering that some neighboring countries are facing a new wave of disease, it is necessary to prevent the commute of people who have not tested negative across the country’s borders.”

The President elsewhere in his remarks stressed the need to review the previous approvals of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus, saying: “In this review, it should be determined how many of the approvals have been implemented and how many of them have not.”

Earlier, during his visit to Kahrizak Charity Foundation on Friday, President Ebrahim Raisi had stressed that his administration attaches importance to reorganizing the economic situation and resolving social problems.

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President Raisi held friendly talks with relief clients, physicians, and managers of the foundation, expressing gratitude to those people who are working to resolve social problems in Iran.

Regarding his administration’s support for public cooperation in social affairs, the high-ranking official had noted that public-oriented charities such as Kahrizak Charity Foundation should be developed, because they have been good instances of successful charity work run by the public benefactors.

The President attributed the root cause of certain social problems to the economic difficulties, adding that reorganization and control of economic and social affairs were among his administrations’ agendas.

Referring to his visits to two health and social centers on Monday morning, Raisi said that victims of natural disasters and social problems were fellow Iranians who should be supported.

President Ebrahim Raisi, since taking office, has always said that there is no impasse in resolving the problems facing the country and all state bodies must act in a coordinated and systematic way so that the actions are complementary to each other in the moves toward countering the problems.


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