Regional Security Dialogue Meeting in New Delhi;

New Delhi (IP) - Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, on Wednesday at the third meeting of the Regional Security Dialogue in New Delhi, explained Iran's views on the components of sustainable security in the region.

Iran PressCommentary: Referring to the effects and consequences of the US-led occupation of Afghanistan, Ali Shamkhani, said: "Twenty years ago, the US occupied Afghanistan under the pretext of confronting the Taliban and al-Qaeda and claiming to fight terrorism, and all components in this crisis-stricken country became more negative."

US creates tension in region

The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, stating that the state-building and nation-building claimed by the United States did not materialize, added: "Having suffered a humiliating defeat, United States had to flee from Afghanistan. It inflicted a lot of damages on this country and massacred thousands of Afghan men, women and children and the whole process became a lesson to be learned by all those who try to rely on shallow powers such as the US instead of relying on their own capabilities. Today, we have Afghanistan with an accumulation of difficulties and it is incumbent upon us all to save this country and get it to the safe shore."

The presence of foreigners under the pretext of maintaining security in the region is a strategic mistake, and the costs of this mistake have been inflicted on the countries of the region. Afghanistan and Iraq are two concrete examples in this regard.

Today, countries in the region and the international community are well aware of the destructive role of the United States in destabilizing and promoting insecurity.

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Shamkhani: US continues to create crisis in region

"The United States and the Zionist regime, in cooperation with some Arab countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, are seeking to create a crisis and tension and security conflict in the region," said Qasem Mohabeli, a political analyst.

Although the United States left Afghanistan scandalously after 20 years of occupation, it continues to create crises in the region.

Examining these components can be the first step towards creating a common understanding of the factors that disrupt stability and security in the region.

Goals of New Delhi Summit

From this perspective, the goals of the New Delhi Summit can be considered around three important issues.

The first issue; Investigating the causes of the unsustainability of security in the region and the main currents disrupting stability in the region. In fact, one of the strategic goals of the United States is to keep the countries in the region dependent on the United States. This method was used by the British before the Americans and looted the wealth of the nations of the region, including in India and the Persian Gulf.

The second issue; Explaining the consequences of insecurity in the region and its impact on economic backwardness and creating mistrust and gaps in friendly relations between the region and neighboring countries.

From this perspective, the remarks of the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran at the New Delhi Summit and the expression of Iran's views on maintaining stability and security in the region are of strategic importance in two ways:

The first aspect; The emphasis is on the principle of "security for all" based on the model of regional convergence and a common understanding of the concept of "collective security" without the intervention and need for foreign military presence.

The second aspect; Explaining the purpose of American adventures in the region.

Iran wants a stable Afghanistan

The Islamic Republic of Iran has stood up to Takfiri terrorism in Syria and Iraq, and in this way has played a role in ensuring peace and stability in the region and the world. Now, as Ali Shamkhani stated Iran, with the cooperation of actors inside and outside Afghanistan, seeks to move towards programs that benefit the people of Afghanistan and the benefit of all neighboring countries and the region, and that is the establishment of lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan that serves the common interests of all of us.


Written by Jamshid Aminzadeh

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