Beirut (IP)- Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General called on Saudi Arabia to apologize to the people of Lebanon for its hostility against them.

Iran PressMiddle East: Sheikh Naim Qassem said Saudi Arabia was angry because it failed to take control over the political decision-making in Lebanon, despite the money it has paid to its supporters.

He pointed to the current crisis in Lebanon and added: "One of the reasons for the current crisis is that Saudi Arabia is in a situation where it can no longer bear its losses in the region, so in response to this situation, it launched a war against Lebanon."

Meanwhile, Naim Qassem tied the Saudi-made tension against Lebanon to the successive defeats of the regime in Yemen's Ma'rib and said: "Saudi Arabia wants to divert attention from its current war on Yemen by exerting pressure on Lebanon.

As an independent country, he stressed that Lebanon had relations with Saudi Arabia and would not tolerate any Saudi intervention in its government. 

Following the pro-Yemeni comments of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kurdahi, who urged the end of the war on Yemen, Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassadors to Beirut and called on the Lebanese envoy to Riyadh to leave the country.  

The UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait also recalled their ambassadors to Lebanon, following in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia. 


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