Lebanese cleric:

Tehran (IP)- The Chairman of the board of trustees of the Lebanese Muslim Ulema Association said that the Islamic unity conference is a factor of convergence for meeting and approaching the scholars of the Islamic Ummah to express their thoughts and points of view.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of the 35th closing ceremony of Islamic Unity, Sheikh Ghazi Youssef Hanina said that during the last 40 years until now, the Islamic Ummah has proved itself during international events, like the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has emerged with technical and scientific advances in all fields. 

He said that Iran's peaceful nuclear activities could be named one of the most important of these developments, especially nuclear medicine, agriculture, power generation, and in general, all the fields that can be achieved with these nuclear advances. 

The Islamic Ummah has been at the forefront of the resistance against the Zionist regime for the past 40 years, and right after the occupation of Lebanon by the Zionists. The arrival of the mercenaries of this stubborn enemy in Beirut finally forced them to retreat to the borders of occupied Palestine. By doing so, we have succeeded in conveying the message to the world that the deterrent power of the resistance, both in Lebanon and in Gaza, is one of the achievements of this Islamic unity that we have benefited from today. 

"Islamic unity is an important element in the movements of the Islamic Ummah, and let us not forget that the conference on Islamic Unity is an important factor in explaining the principles and roots of this unity among the religions of the Islamic Ummah, he noted."

The 35th edition of the Islamic Unity Conference wrapped up in Tehran on Saturday, October 23, with prominent Muslim scholars, intellectuals, and thinkers from across the globe exchanging their views on the latest issues challenging the world of Islam.


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