Tehran (IP): The 35th edition of the Islamic Unity Conference wrapped up in Tehran on Saturday, October 23, with prominent Muslim scholars, intellectuals, and thinkers from across the globe exchanging their views on the latest issues challenging the world of Islam.

Iran PressIran news: The statement issued at the closing ceremony reads: "The current state of the world requires political decision-makers from all intellectual, scientific, media and technical groups to work to extinguish the fires of aggression and to provide the space for peace across the globe."

"Achieving this goal requires sincere international cooperation, far from any pressure or threat, as well as the non-interference of forces that have made every effort to incite sedition and war in the world.  Of course, establishing peace in the world requires another element."

"The crisis of war, conflict, and terrorism in the world, especially in Islamic countries, along with the mismanagement and inadequacy of the international community to deal with this crisis, highlights the need for Islamic countries to take action to resolve this crisis."

It also reads: "The only way to eradicate terrorism is to drain the resources that feed it with money,  weapons, and extremist and reactionary ideas, and to achieve this requires comprehensive awareness of the ummah." 

The enemy wants to insult Islam, Muslims, and their holy slogans by using the sinister phenomenon of terrorism, according to the statement.

The statement urged the Islamic countries not to withhold their help and support from the resistance groups because these groups are the cause of honor and dignity.

Reported by Arezou Raoufi