Rome (IP) - Tens of thousands of Italians staged protests to defend employment and citizenship rights and voice their opposition towards the rise of extremists' outfits.

Iran PressEurope: At the invitation of Italy's large labor unions, the protest continued on Saturday evening in the central square of the Italian capital of Rome.

Calling for government support of vulnerable social groups, the Italian protestors also asked for dissolution of the violent extremist groups.

Last week, hundreds of extremist groups stormed the headquarters of Italy's largest labor union during a protest rally in Rome against the mandatory health certificate known as European COVID Digital Certificate. It is the same health certificate that proves a person that has been vaccinated or tested negative will be allowed to enter closed places such as cinemas, museums, restaurants and other public places.

Italian police arrested and detained 12 protesters.

More than 5,000 Italian police were deployed in central Rome on Saturday evening to secure large labor unions.

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