Rome (IP) – Protesting employees of Alitalia Airlines once again took to the streets of the Italian capital.

Iran PressEurope: Hundreds of Alitalia employees, which are due to be dismissed in the next three weeks, gathered on a central street in Rome on Tuesday evening to demand preventing the company from being dissolved.

The Italian government has announced that Alitalia will be disbanded on October 15 and will no longer sell tickets. A new small airline called ITA will replace Alitalia from that date.

By dissolving Alitalia Airlines, at least 8,000 employees will be laid off.

Many Alitalia employees protested at Rome's Fiumicino International Airport last Friday, blocking the highway connecting Rome to Fiumicino Airport for several hours in opposition to the airline's dissolution.

The Italian government has announced that Alitalia is a bankrupt company, and it is no longer possible to save it. 


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