Education Commission of Parl. rejects proposed Minister of Education

Tehran (IP) - The Education Commission of Iran's Parliament announced its refusal to give a vote of confidence to the proposed minister of education.

Iran PressIran news: The Spokesman of the Education and Research Commission, Reza Hajipour, announced that Hossein Baghgoli had no required managerial qualifications to be appointed as the minister.

The lack of adequate familiarity with the general points of the budget structure for the country's educational system, the lack of adequate knowledge about theoretical principles of education as well as the relevant challenges, and the lack of the knowledge to manage the crises in this regard and realizing the goals of the country's Development Document, these are among the objections raised against the proposed minister.

Iran Parliament kicked off an open session on Saturday morning to review the list of cabinet ministers of the 13th administration. The parliamentarians will review the list of the cabinet members in the open sessions of the Parliament.


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