Tehran(IP): The representative of Izeh in Parliament on Saturday morning said that he had agreed with the general points of President Raisi's proposed cabinet ministers.

Iran PressIran News: Abdullah Izadpanah, the representative of Izeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in the Parliament open session to review the qualifications and plans of the proposed cabinet ministers, expressed satisfaction with the general points of the proposed cabinet ministers, saying: "The thirteenth administration, which was called the People's Administration kept the slogans of the Islamic Revolution alive and presented good plans."

He added: "The administration has entered the scene while the oppressive sanctions and past mismanagement have narrowed the scene for the people and they are struggling with bad economic conditions, inflation and unemployment."

Izadpanah continued to stress that at the status quo of the Revolutionary Assembly and all the parliamentarians must take steps to achieve the goals of Islamic Iran.

Izadpanah further expressed hope that the problems of people would be alleviated with the help of administration programs.

Iran Parliament kicked off an open session on Saturday morning to review the list of cabinet ministers of the 13th administration.

The parliamentarians will review the list of the cabinet members in the open sessions of the Parliament.

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