Indian police had attacked Muharram mourners in the city of Srinagar in Kashmir.

Iran PressAsia: Indian police dispersed a mourner's procession with disproportionate force, an eyewitness said. Indian forces fired shotgun pellets and tear gas shells at the Muharram procession.

Hundreds of mourners were marching near the outskirts of the capital Srinagar as part of the procession to mark the martyrdom of Imam Hossein (AS)

India has been occupying parts of Kashmir for years, deploying thousands of troops, and killing tens of thousands over the past three decades.

New Delhi has banned any religious rituals in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

The people of Kashmir are calling for the implementation of a long-approved UN Security Council resolution on holding a referendum to determine the status of the region, but the Indian government has always opposed the move. Black flags of mourning have been hoisted all over the roads of the Indian-controlled Kashmir region, and large gatherings and marches continue despite restrictions made by the Indian military. 219