Tehran (IP) – Iran's president criticized the issues raised in the televised debate of the presidential candidates, urging them to observe ethics and not distort the facts.

Iran PressIran News: Attending the weekly cabinet meeting, Hassan Rouhani referred to the June 18th Presidential Election, saying: "Unfortunately, the issue of ethics has been seriously damaged these days."

He stated that the 2021 Presidential Election had been crucial, but morality had been more important than the election because the ultimate goal had been Islam and the Islamic Revolution.

"Part of democracy is morality. We cannot ridicule public opinion and the presence of the people; we must really invite the people to the election," he added.

He said there should be democracy everywhere; from the beginning to the end of the election, from the day of the announcement until the ratification and inauguration, from the day of registration until the day the vote is taken; the role of the real and prominent people must appear everywhere.

"If there is a problem in the country, is this problem only for the executive apparatus? That is, the legislature, the expediency council, the judiciary, etc., have no problem," Rouhani said.

"Are we in an economic war or not? It seems that there is no war at all, and there was not Trump, and he did not oppress our nation. We started our administration in 2013 when we were under sanctions and economic pressure," he added.

He noted that sanctions had begun in 2012, adding that his administration worked during sanctions in 2013 and 2014.


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