Tehran (IP) – Iran's president said the eyes of the world were on the Iranian presidential election.

Iran Press/Iran News: Attending the weekly cabinet meeting, Hassan Rouhani stated: "In a country where all resources were cut off and the budget has always relied on oil and now oil is in trouble, the government replaced the oil with non-oil exports, and it was not easy."

He noted that the main oil exports that had helped Iran have been products, petrochemicals, and steel in recent years.

"Of course, we have other cases, but these are the three main ones, and it carried a heavy burden to replace oil," he added.

He pointed out that despite dire COVID conditions in the country, non-oil exports were almost in line with imports and said non-oil exports were $ 40 billion and imports were $ 42 billion.

He stressed that those who imposed sanctions on Iran didn’t even imagine that Iran would export gasoline to the region.

"If one day we exported oil, today we also export gas, products, and electricity, and a great change has taken place, and all those who were active in our mining industry during these 4 years have borne a heavy burden," he concluded.


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