Tehran (IP) - The ceremony of the legal electoral advertising programs for the 13th Iranian presidential election candidates was held at the International Conference Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

Iran PressIran news: Seven candidates for the 13th Iranian presidential election were fairly informed about the right to hold advertising and present their programs on radio and television networks based on the schedule set by drawing on Wednesday night.

The representative of the presidential candidates, the head and members of the election campaign of the Ministry of Interior, and the head of the IRIB attended the ceremony.

The Head of IRIB, Abdol-Ali Ali-Askari, stated that the IRIB had been neutral in elections and would provide an equal chance for all candidates.

He noted that the Iranian people had a key role in governing the country, expressing hope that the thirteenth presidential election would be the basis for the authority and unity of the Iranian nation.

He pointed out that Iran had always formed its institutions by referring to the people's votes, and it had been the people who made basic decisions for the country's administration.

He stressed that the Iranian nation should once again show its authority and greatness in the face of the superpowers and the enemies of the Islamic Revolution by voting in the upcoming election.

He also expressed hope that the future government would solve the problems and bring a better future for the Iranian nation.

In this ceremony, Amir-Hossein Qazizadeh-Hashemi, Mohsen Rezaei, Alireza Zakani, Ebrahim Raisi, Mohsen Mehr-Alizadeh, Abdolnasser Hemmati, and Saeed Jalili were respectively announced the day and time to participate in radio and television programs.

Attorney-General Mohammad-Jafar Montazeri stated: "The Iranian people are well aware that today the position of the Islamic Republic in the region and the world has a special place and  is of high authority."

He noted that the powerful position of Islamic Iran owed to two important components; the first was the presence and support of the people and the presence of the Iranian people on the scene.

He underlined that one of the most important and valuable manifestations of the presence and support of the people for the Islamic Republic had been to participate in the elections process, especially the presidential election.


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