Syria (IP) - The US military continued to plunder Syria's oil and agricultural resources, smuggling 88 trucks carrying oil and wheat to northern Iraq.

Iran PressMiddle East: The US occupation troops have continued to steal the Syrian wealth and crops from the lands they occupied in the Syrian al-Jazeera region as a convoy of the occupation’s vehicles laden with oil, and stolen grains left Hasaka countryside heading for northern Iraq via the al-Walid illegitimate crossing.

From al-Yarubiya countryside, local sources told SANA that a convoy of 45 vehicles, including covered trucks and oil tankers, and several refrigeration tanker trucks and tankers accompanied by four-wheel-drive vehicles, left the Syrian territories heading for the Iraqi territories on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, sources from al-Swaidiyeh village mentioned that 43 other trucks, laden with wheat from Tal Alou silos at night, passed through al-Walid illegitimate crossing heading for the Iraqi territories.

On April 25th, a convoy of 35 US occupation trucks laden with stolen grains left Hasaka countryside heading for northern Iraq across the al-Walid illegitimate crossing.


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