The intensity of movement of military cargo and equipment of the US-led coalition in eastern Syria has increased, this causes concern, deputy chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria said on Thursday.

Iran PressMiddle East: "The increased intensity of air freight of military cargo and surface relocation of military equipment convoys by the US-led coalition in eastern regions of the Syrian Arab Republic cause concern," Alexander Karpov stated.

According to the official, Syria is capable of dealing independently with terrorist cells on its territory, while the presence of military contingents of the coalition states in the country "is illegal and contradicts the norms of international law."

"Actions of the American command on increasing military presence in the Trans-Euphrates region against the background of an emergency socio-economic situation unfolding due to chocking US sanctions seriously damage prospects of political settlement," he added.

As reported by the Center, the Russian side continues its efforts on reestablishing peaceful life in the Tai neighborhood of the city of Qamishli where clashes occurred at the end of April. Due to the absence of functioning hospitals in the area, citizens were in dire need of qualified medical aid.

"The Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties conducted a humanitarian event during which Russian military medics provided medical aid to 203 local residents, including 135 children. The residents in need received over 400 sets of food products," the statement said.