Russia expands its special naval support base in Tartus, Syria.

Iran Press/Middle East: Russia's Tartus naval support base in Syria will be equipped with new facilities in 2022, including floating cranes for the maintenance of ships and submarines, a Russian defense industry official said on Wednesday, according to the Tass news agency.

The Russian defense industry official stated that the Tartus naval support base is now serviced and maintained by a Russian company and the company's facilities will be expanded in 2022 to maintain ships and submarines.

In early 2017, Russia signed a 49-year agreement to operate the Tartus naval base in Syria as part of its defense cooperation.

According to the agreement, the Russian navy will be allowed to expand and equip the Tartus naval base to deploy large ships and protect the naval borders of the Tartus base and the Syrian coast.

In addition to the Tartus base, Russia has another military base in the Hamim region of Syria. 219