Moscow(IP): Russian President expressed hope that the entire measures under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear program would be restored in the previous framework.

Iran PressEurope: Opening a briefing session with the Russian Security Council’s permanent member-states, the Russian President offered to discuss the situation in the Caspian region. He recalled that Iran was one of the partners in the framework of the Caspian Five.

"I hope that all that is related to the JCPOA will be restored in the previous framework and we will be able, including in the Caspian region, to build full-fledged relations with all parties to this Caspian club, implement in full all plans that we have in mind," the Russian President stated.

Putin also pointed out that the Caspian region was crucial for Russia, especially in terms of economic activity, cooperation with close partners and allies. "And of course, this concerns issues of ensuring security and Russia’s interests in the Caspian region on the whole."

The Russian president recalled that Russia was implementing major projects on this territory, including the energy field.

"There are plans not only on bringing current projects to an end but - as representatives of our major companies' report - there are also plans on expanding our economic activities and expanding the activity of our economic operators," Putin said, offering to discuss "a whole range of issues related to securing Russia’s interests in the Caspian region."

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