Tehran (IP) - Chang Hua, China's ambassador to Iran, says that the comprehensive cooperation document between the two countries is not only in the interest of the Chinese and Iranian nations, but will also contribute to regional and global peace.

Iran PressIran News: The Chinese ambassador to Iran in an interview with Iranian media said: "China is always determined to maintain its legitimate cooperation with Iran in the fields of trade, energy, and other fields, and actively calls on the international community to protect Iran's legitimate economic interests."

According to Chang Hua, China-Iran friendly relations have a long history.

The Chinese ambassador to Iran also said: "In recent years, popular and cultural exchanges between the two countries have been frequent."

Chang Hua noted that Iran and China have deepened cultural, scientific, artistic, and media interactions and strengthened cooperation between friendship associations, the media, and universities.

On Sunday, 27 March in Tehran in the meeting between Iranian and Chinese Foreign Ministers, the 25-year comprehensive document on the Iran-China strategic partnership was finalized and inked on Saturday in the Iranian capital.


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