Former Chief of Zionist Military Intelligence retired Major General Amos Yadlin believes that the Iranians will achieve their objectives in the "nuclear negotiations over the nuclear agreement" with the Biden Administration.

Iran PressMiddle East: Yadlin, says Israel will have difficulty influencing the content of the new Iran deal.

"The Iranians have the upper hand. They have an unequivocal demand - that the Americans remove all sanctions and then they will hurry to return to the agreement," Yadlin noted in an interview with Reshet Bet Sunday morning.

"The sanctions imposed by Trump have hit the Iranian economy hard, but the Iranians have stopped being afraid," Yadlin claimed.

Yadlin later stated that it would be difficult for Israel to influence the content of the new deal with Iran. "The honeymoon with Trump is over, the Biden administration is very hostile to our prime minister personally."

He said: "This is an ideological government that sees the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians differently and believes that the diplomatic route will bring the correct result with Iran."


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