US Senators urge return to Iran deal in letter to Biden

Sens. Chris Murphy and Tim Kaine urged US President Joe Biden to swiftly re-enter the Iran nuclear deal in a letter they’re circulating for signatures from other senators.

Iran Press/America: The letter, calls for a return to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action using a “‘compliance for compliance’ approach” and endorses the lifting of US sanctions as per the terms of the JCPOA.

The senators lambast the Trump administration’s approach to Iran including the “maximum pressure” sanctions campaign launched by the prior administration.

The letter also criticizes former President Donald Trump’s military strikes against Iran.

“The Trump Administration’s numerous military incidents in the Middle East repeatedly and needlessly brought us to the brink of war,” the letter reads.

The letter praises a Biden-era policy reversing a ban, implemented by the Trump administration, on Iranians traveling to the US.

Upon any future re-entry into the JCPOA, the senators urge Biden to conduct discussions with the parties to the Iran deal.

The letter comes shortly after a bipartisan group of 43 senators sent a different letter to Biden, which urged the president to reach a comprehensive agreement with Iran.

That letter did not offer a clear endorsement of re-entry into the 2015 deal or sanctions relief for Iran. Liberal activists worried that that letter would be used by opponents of the 2015 deal as a sign of opposition to the Biden administration’s approach to the deal.


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