Tehran (IP) - One of the most famous traditional Iranian festivals is "Sizdah Bedar", also known as Nature's Day, on the thirteenth day of Farvardin (March 2nd), Iranians spend the whole day in nature because they believe this day is cursed, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year people didn't hold gatherings on public places.

Iran PressIran News: Every year as a part of the ancient tradition the Iranians, on the thirteenth day of the New Year which is called "Sizdah Bedar", used to go to nature to enjoy the natural blessings of a happy and memorable day with their families and relatives.

But this year's occasion, like the past year, is totally different from previous years due to the spread of the coronavirus in Iran.

like the past year, people all across Iran have been fighting against COVID-19 with empathy and support for their health and for those around them by launching campaigns such as 'Stay at Home', 'Read a Book', 'Defeat Coronavirus', and 'Thirteenth at Home'.


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