Tehran (IP): Iran Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei delivered a live televised speech on Sunday.

Iran Press/Iran News: "Once again, I congratulate all the dear people of Iran on the New Year, and I ask God Almighty to bless all of them with a happy and prosperous year," the leader said.

"We entered the year 1400, and with the customary view that we look at, it is considered the entrance to the new century, even if it is not like this in terms of calculation accuracy, but mystics say that we have entered the new century," Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted.

Referring to the progress in terms of production, the leader said that in the year 1399 (Last year in the Persian calendar starting from March 21, 2020), as we stated, production shored up in many sectors, and sometimes we had a Surge in Production. 

The leader added that Home appliances, aluminum, and steel, etc. were among some of the goods developed in 1399. 

According to the leader, the country's production must continue, and the barriers must be removed.

The leader also added that Iran had the 18th largest economy in the world.

"If the surge in production in 1400 is seriously pursued, there will certainly be a change in the economy," the leader highlighted.

Ayatollah Khamenei went on to say: "The fight against corruption is a significant issue. Corruption channels must be closed, which means reforming the banking system."

"Due to the inconveniences concerning the economy and people's livelihood, some people are trying to make people desperate namely nothing can be done, mainly in foreign advertisements, press and virtual space, and they show the whole way to a dead end. This is not the case at all," the leader pointed out. 

Ayatollah Khamenei underscored: "Our economy with its capacity and capabilities inside can be one of the most prosperous economies in the region and even in the world."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei stated: "A major aid to production is that the people's purchasing power increases. If it is produced and there is no popular demand, production will fail."

According to the leader, "Helping to cut off the hands of intermediaries is another important issue because intermediaries raise prices, and producers and consumers are harmed. In 1400, if it were followed seriously, there would be a change in the economy."

"I have a relatively long list of goods in which we have increased production, but of course, I do not read that list in full. Mostly home appliances that grew a lot. Car tires, aluminum, petrochemicals, steel and the like are the goods that really developed and grew in the last Iranian year," the leader said.

Ayatollah Khamenei added: "This should continue. This production movement in the country must continue, and the barriers to production must be removed."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated: "We have a lot of capacities and facilities, and the relevant officials can solve these problems with great effort, but the condition is that strong and anti-corruption management governs the country and there should be a comprehensive economic plan, and in this case, these capacities can be used. According to the World Bank's economic experts, Iran is currently ranked 18th among the top economies in the world."

The leader went on to say: "Today we use a part of natural resources, but many of them, such as oil and gas, are consumed raw, while it is possible to make superior uses and create added value with them."

"Solving problems requires the support and empathy of the people, and whenever people enter the scene, they will definitely get the job done. They can play a role in investing in the production of people," Ayatollah Khamenei noted. 

"Charities and non-governmental organizations should plan so that everyone knows that low capital can help the country's production as well, and sometimes a rural family can be self-sufficient with a few livestock and a rural family with a knitting machine," Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out. 

"Economic blockade and sanctions are one of the great crimes of governments and should not be viewed politically or diplomatically," the leader highlighted.

Ayatollah Khamenei went on to say: "It is a crime to sanction a nation that cannot import medicine and medical devices, and this crime comes from a country like the United States. Sanctions were a crime for our country, but they also had an advantage that could turn this threat into an opportunity. Our hard-working young people worked hard and in some sectors where the goods depended on the outside, they made the country needless from the outside, and this is the creation of technology inside the country."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed: "We can go against sanctions in two ways. One is to go to the boycotter and ask him to reduce or lift the boycott, and he will put a few arrogant demands on the table, which is the way to humiliation, decline and backwardness. One way is to activate our internal force and produce the sanctioned goods inside, and when the other party sees that the goods are produced inside, it gets desperate, and this causes the sanctions to be lifted."

"The officials must not tie the economy to the lifting of sanctions and do not stand idly by waiting for others to make decisions," the Leader added.

Ayatollah Khamenei elaborated: "We must try to strengthen the country; This slogan of a strong Iran is a public slogan. Anyone who does not accept me accepts the slogan of a strong Iran. Certainly, a strong Iran is better than a weak and powerless Iran."

"This strength is given to Iran by the nation, and the nation's presence also affects the principle of participation and the size of participation on national strength. Dear nation, let it be known that the spy and intelligence services of countries such as the United States and the Zionist regime have been trying for some time now to thwart the June elections. Either they accuse the organizers of rigging the election or the Guardian Council, or they discourage the people that it has no effect on the situation and why you are boring yourself. Cyberspace is used to its full potential," the leader stated. 

Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Unfortunately, the necessary observations on cyberspace are not made despite the emphasis I made, and sometimes it is without no control. It is not an honor to abandon cyberspace, but it should be managed, this cyberspace should not be given to the enemy."

"The most important and effective management of the country is the presidency. Some have been saying for several years that the president has no authority, he is a provider, and he has 10 or 15 percent authority. The president is one of the busiest and most responsible apparatuses," the leader added. 

Ayatollah Khamenei stated: "Almost all management centers of the country are at the disposal of the president. Thousands of managements are in the hands of the chief executive. All approved budgets of the country are in the hands of the President, the Vice Presidency for Planning and Budget. The government is in the hands of the president and the executive branch."


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