Iranian Vice President meets Syrian Minister of Industry

Damascus (IP) - In a meeting with the Syrian Minister of Industry, the Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology, referring to Iran's technological capabilities, stressed the need for further development of cooperation between the two countries in technology.

Iran PressMiddle East: Sorena Sattari met with Syrian Minister of Industry Ziad Sabbagh On Tuesday and said that Iran was one of the world's leading oil and gas producers, but during the last 7 years, the development of the knowledge-based economy in Iran had been on the agenda to avoid the oil economy as much as possible.

Syrian Minister of Industry Ziad Sabbagh also said in the meeting that he would welcome the use of Iranian technologies in Syria, adding: "In the past and during the years of crisis, negotiations were held with Iranian officials to build a car factory in Syria."

He also pointed out that Iran has always been a supporter of Syria, saying: "The Syrian president has permitted to provide resources to small businesses, which in the future we will see the expansion of activities in this area."


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