Tehran (IP) - Iranian President praised the Minister of Health and Medical Education for injecting the first vaccine into his son and said that the people should be sure if a vaccine enters the country, all officials will trust it and we are all ready to build trust between people for vaccinations.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday at the beginning of the nationwide vaccination against coronavirus added: "I thank the Minister of Health for all the efforts that have been made by you and the health defenders during this year. We are very happy today, in the blessed 10-Day Dawn of the Islamic Revolution, we are starting the national vaccination."

Addressing the Minister of Health and Medical Education, Saeed Namaki the President said: "The fact that your dear child is the first to be injected with this vaccine is a message to all the people of the country. If the Ministry of Health declares a vaccine as a reliable vaccine, and if the people need us to start a trust, all the authorities and all of us are fully prepared. I told friends last night that I was ready to be the first to be injected with this vaccine."

"People should know that if we declare something, we believe in it", Rouhani said.

Rouhani said: "I hope that this vaccine and other vaccines that will enter the country later and will use the domestic vaccine in the future, and we will be able to make everyone healthy in the new phase that we started from now on against COVID-19 disease. Fortunately, the moment came and it was done."


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