US Justice Department claimed the country has collected $7 million of Iranian funds that will be allocated to allegedly provide compensation to American victims of international state-sponsored terrorism.

Iran PressAmerica: The money was the US share of a civil forfeiture that targeted attempts to violate sanctions on Iran with fraudulent transfers of about $1 billion of Iranian-owned funds to accounts around the world, US Justice Department said in a statement.

"The funds forfeited today had been destined to benefit criminal actors who engaged in an elaborate scheme to violate US sanctions against Iran," said Acting Assistant Attorney General David Burns.

He claimed that the forfeited funds will be used to directly compensate the so-called victims of state sponsors of terrorism.

The United States also expressed appreciation for the cooperation of UAE authorities, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Georgia, and the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office and Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea.

This is while the US government is actively supporting terrorists around the world.

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