Problem of purchasing COVID-19 vaccine solved: CBI Governor

Tehran (IP) - The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran announced the solution to the problem of purchasing the COVID-19 vaccine.

Iran PressIran newsAbdul Nasser Hemmati wrote on Instagram on Thursday: "The initial agreement to transfer from a bank account (other than the Central Bank in South Korea) was received this morning, and an order was issued to purchase the COVID-19 vaccine."

Stating that the necessary measures to purchase the coronavirus vaccine go on continuously, Hemmati added: "Necessary coordination has been done with the Ministry of Health, and the purchase and transfer of the coronavirus vaccine will be done as soon as possible."

CBI Governor had previously said that since the purchase of the COVID-19 vaccine should be done through the official channel of the World Health Organization, so far, any way to pay and transfer the required currency has been blocked due to the inhumane sanctions imposed by the US government.

According to CBI Governor, because of the pressure that the United States has put on various European banks, they are afraid to work with Iran, and the destination bank is willing to accept the money if a special license is issued by the United States.


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