A coalition of human rights groups called on the United States government to guarantee Iran's access to Coronavirus vaccines.

Iran PressAmerica: The human rights groups said in a statement that blocking Iran's timely access to coronavirus vaccines would put the country in an unequal situation with other countries seeking vaccines. It will also prolong the crisis of the Coronavirus in Iran.

The US government claims that humanitarian issues such as food and medicine are not subject to sanctions, but widespread restrictions on Iranian financial institutions have discouraged foreign banks from doing business with Iran.

According to the Washington Post,  a digital human rights NGO in the Middle East said that the complexity of US sanctions laws sends a variety of messages to foreign banks and financial institutions.

On the one hand, they say that humanitarian trade with Iran is allowed, on the other hand, they say that it is better to stay away from the country's economy.

In the past few days, the BBC Persian and some other UK based Persian-language radio and TV channels have claimed that the Iranian government is reluctant to provide the Coronavirus vaccine and is failing to do so.