Ties normalization with Israel submission to Islam's enemies: Yemeni mufti

Sanna (IP) - The Yemeni Grand Mufti said normalization of ties with the Israeli regime indicates submission level of the mercenary regimes to the enemies of the Islamic Ummah.

 Iran Press/Middle East: Shams el-Din Sharaf el-Din said the countries that are normalizing their ties with the Israeli regime are those which have coalesced with the Saudi regime to invade Yemen, in order to serve the US and Zionist regimes. 

The goal of ties normalization with the Zionist regime is to draw more countries to friendship with the enemies of the Islamic Ummah so that the enemies can carry out their evil plans in the Middle East, he noted.

Zionist media reported on Saturday afternoon that diplomatic relations were established between the Israeli regime and the small country of Bhutan.

Earlier, with the pressures of the US ex-president, Donald Trump to make the Arabic regimes' ties normalized with the Israeli regime, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco reached an agreement with the Zionist regime on full normalization of diplomatic ties.  

These agreements have been widely criticized in the Islamic world.


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