Cultural Attaché:
Cultural Attaché: Japanese people very interested in Iranian civilization

Tokyo (IP) - The Cultural Attaché of Iran's Embassy in Japan stressed that the culture-loving people of Japan have many interests in Iranian culture and civilization, saying that Iranians also attach special importance to Japanese culture.

Iran PressAsia: At the invitation of Al-Mayadin International Network and in a live and direct interview with the Cultural Attaché of the Iranian Embassy in Japan from Tokyo, the cultural cooperation between Iran and Japan was examined in the Al-Mashhadiya program.

At the beginning of the program, a report on some cultural consulting activities in the fields related to film and music weeks, book printing, active participation in international festivals in Japan, etc. was presented, and then questions on cultural activities were raised.

In response to a question about the fields, commonalities, and history of cooperation, Divsalar said: "Iran and Japan have passed more than 1300 years of historical and cultural relations, and in 2019, they celebrated the ninetieth year of their official relations, and this long period has been full of intimacy, companionship, respect, and interest in the culture and civilization between the two countries, and in this regard, a large number of programs, seminars, publications, festivals, etc. have been done.

The Cultural Attaché of the Iranian Embassy in Japan also pointed to the enduring role of scholars and prominent personalities in this regard, saying: "A large number of Iranologists, Islamologists, professors of Persian language and literature from Japan and, in turn, prominent Iranian Japanese scholars tried to get to know the two great nations of Iran and Japan and deepen the cultural relations between the two countries."

He also pointed to the commonalities of the two sides, adding: "There has been a lot of cooperation in the past and present in various cultural fields, including cinema, and the most important thing is that Japanese culture-loving people have many interests in Iranian culture and civilization. Iranians also pay special attention to Japanese culture and cultural exchange has grown and developed in various fields."

Divsalar further presented some areas of cooperation between the two sides.


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