Palestine (IP) - One of the leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement said that the Israeli army is no longer strong and cannot control the situation in any confrontation.

Iran Press/Middle East: Ahmed al-Mudallal said on Friday that the Israeli regime has fallen into a panic due to the increase of the Resistance front's capabilities in the region.

Al-Mudallal pointed to the regime's recent military exercise and stressed that the Resistance is at the highest level of readiness to give a crushing response to any aggression by the Zionist regime.

He noted that the axis of Resistance in the region is a strong arm against the US-Israeli conspiracies.

"Our enemy does not understand the meaning of humanity, nor the language of negotiation and international law, and we cannot stand idly against the Israeli regime, especially against the actions that the regime commits against the Palestinian prisoners," the Palestinian official said.

Calling the Zionist regime's actions against Palestinian prisoners "murder,” al-Mudallal called on human rights organizations not to remain silent about the regime's actions against Palestinian prisoners.


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