Any repressive action by the Israeli occupying regime against the Palestinian prisoners will face a definite response from Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement has declared.

Iran PressMiddle East: On Tuesday, the Hamas movement issued statement to hold the Israeli regime accountable for beating Palestinian prisoners Jamal Abu al-Hijja and Hassan Salameh in an Israeli prison, and said that attacking the Palestinian prisoners of war by Israeli repressive forces is a crime that the occupying regime will pay for.

Earlier, Nahid al-Fakhouri, director of the Hamas-affiliated of the Prisoners Media Office Nahed al-Fakhouri, said that security forces at the Eshel prison had attacked Palestinian prisoners' cells with firearms.

The Palestinian Prisoners Committee also warned last Saturday about the deteriorating condition of 13 Palestinian prisoners in Israel's Ramla prison.

According to the report, 69 Palestinian prisoners have been martyred in Israeli prisons since 1967 for failing to provide medical care.

The Israeli regime does not care about the health of the Palestinian prisoners, and despite the fact that hundreds of Palestinian prisoners suffer from chronic diseases, including cancer, it still refuses to release them or even take them to hospitals for treatment.

About 4,800 Palestinian prisoners, including 41 women and 140 children, are being held in Israeli prisons, and 340 of these prisoners have not been tried and charged and are in temporary detention.


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