Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Deputy Judiciary Chief for International and Human Rights Affairs stated that the United States is not a negotiator and does not have a strategic view in this regard.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering a speech at the International Conference on United States' decline, Ali Baqeri Kani expressed that what caused the US' failure in Iraq was the power of Islamic Revelation’s thoughts in Iraq, meaning that people went on streets because of their beliefs.

"US' decline is not a new topic, it has many reasons that in our point of view the effects of the Islamic Republic of Iran were the main causes of US' decline at the international level," he added.

"The US thought that it could be the only power, so it focused on reducing the gap between 'will' and 'goal'. Moreover, it tried to reduce costs to achieve its goals by just focusing on the tolls that they have at their disposal," Baqeri Kani noted.

"A look at recent decades represents that the US could not impose its thoughts on countries like Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine which were under the auspices of the Islamic Revolution and did not let them fulfill their aims," he highlighted.

"Soft power components have been challenged in the US like freedom and human rights, so the US has to withdraw because they have to solve their internal issues first," Baqeri noted.

"Although the US is declining, it has not lessened its predatory to compensate its structural weakness, they do not even observe human rights and freedom in appearance," Baqeri pointed. 104/207

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