The Yemeni Foreign Ministry announced sending a letter to the Security Council and the United Nations regarding the relationship between the two terrorist groups, Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Al-Bayda province with the Saudi coalition.

Iran PressMiddle East: In separate letters to the Security Council and the United Nations, the Yemeni Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday that hundreds of members of al-Qaeda and ISIS were killed and captured during military and security operations by Yemeni forces in al-Bayda province, including members of the Arab and foreign nationalities, most of whom were Saudis, Al-Masira reported.

According to the letter, al-Bayda's operation also uncovered large quantities of weapons and military equipment from al-Qaeda and ISIS, which only some countries, such as Saudi Arabia and the United States, possess.

Saudi Arabia finances terrorist elements of al-Qaeda and ISIS. Some of them were treated in Riyadh and Ma'rib hospitals, assigning high-ranking positions to the ringleaders of these two terrorist outfits in the ousted government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi was mentioned in the letter of the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, Yemen called on the Security Council and the United Nations to condemn cooperation between the countries of the Saudi aggressor coalition with al-Qaeda and ISIS.


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