Iranian envoy on Karabakh conflict:
Iranian Amb. on Karabakh Conflict: Tehran Will Not Tolerate Aggression Near Borders

Iran is closely following the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, where tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan escalated last month, and will not tolerate aggression at its borders or on its national territory, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali told Sputnik.

Iran PressEurope: "The Islamic Republic of Iran will not tolerate aggression at its borders and on its territory. During the recent events unfolding between Armenia and Azerbaijan, we told both sides that anyone violating this principle would be fully rejected," Jalali said.

Iran maintains close contact with all the sides of the conflict, the ambassador stressed.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is thoroughly monitoring activities in its border regions. In this regard, as we declare inadmissible aggression by any of the warring sides on our territory, we seriously warn them to be cautious," Jalali noted.

According to the diplomat, Iran has achieved "self-sustainability" and even has "export potential" in some defense sectors.

"If we feel it is needed, we will certainly implement the needed retaliatory measures," Jalali noted.

Jalali also stressed that the recently launched air defense drills had nothing to do with Karabakh's escalation.

"Various defense drills are conducted under the approved programs and are aimed at boosting our [combat] readiness, this cannot be linked to some special occasion," Jalali explained when asked if the decision to conduct a military exercise was related to the Karabakh tensions.

Earlier this week, Iranian media reported that an unmanned drone had fallen on Iranian border territory from Karabakh's combat area. Before that, the Iranian foreign ministry said eight shells had hit a house in the border area.


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