The head of the Yemeni negotiating team welcomed the UN envoy's statement on adherence to the ceasefire agreement in Al-Hudaydah.

Iran PressMiddle East: In his statement on Thursday, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths urged the parties engaged in the war on Yemen to end the conflict immediately in Al-Ḥudaydah and to respect their commitments to the Stockholm ceasefire agreement.

The UN envoy also called upon the parties for respecting the executive mechanism of the UN delegation to support the Al-Ḥudaydah Agreement.

Mohammed Abdul Salam, head of the Yemeni government's negotiating team in Sanaa, said in a tweet that his country welcomes Martin Griffiths' statement on emphasizing adherence to the Stockholm Agreement and the effective and positive approach to the UN executive mechanism in support of the Al-Ḥudaydah Agreement. 

The Stockholm Agreement was signed between Yemen and Saudi Arabia in December 2018 under the supervision of the UN. The ceasefire in Al-Ḥudaydah in western Yemen was one of the key clauses in the agreement, but the Saudi regime's coalition has repeatedly violated it, and the coalition's attacks on Al-Ḥudaydah have intensified in recent days.

A Yemeni civilian was killed and seven others were injured in an attack on Tuesday in Al Hawak District of Al-Ḥudaydah province.


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