A campaign on social media has been launched by activists calling for the Arab League's headquarters in Egypt to be turned into a wedding hall after the organization dropped a Palestinian draft resolution condemning last month’s normalization deal between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel.

Iran Press/Middle East: Following a video conference of foreign ministers on Wednesday, Arab League assistant secretary-general Hossam Zaki described discussions around the draft resolution as "comprehensive," adding they had "taken some time" but did not "lead in the end to an agreement about the draft resolution that was proposed by the Palestinian side".

In response, Mohammed Amas from Palestine created a petition calling for the headquarters of the organization to be turned into a wedding hall. The call has already been signed by more than 2,000 people, Middle East Eye reported.

"The time has come to take full advantage of the building of the so-called Arab League in Cairo for the benefit of the public and its interests because at the moment it is not working for the sake of anyone's affairs, so I have decided to set up this electronic grassroots campaign to turn it into a wedding hall," said Amas.

He also reiterated that the campaign, which hopes to garner one million signatures, is non-partisan and was created only to "criticize the performance of the Arab League organization".