Iran ready to develop cooperation with Japan: Amb.

The Iranian ambassador to Japan announced Tehran's readiness to further expand cooperation with Tokyo based on the model of the Tehran-Beijing agreement.

Iran Press/Asia: Morteza Rahmani Movahhed, Iran's ambassador to Tokyo, said in a meeting with Japanese journalists on Saturday that Tehran was ready to cooperate with Tokyo, as a comprehensive cooperation program with China, adding: "Iran and Japan can establish such a long-term relationship together, it will certainly be for the welfare and development of the two countries and the peace and security of West Asia."

The Iranian ambassador in Tokyo stated that Japan is an old friend of Iran and that Iran and Japan are working to create peace and security in the world.

Rahmani Movahhed also said about the resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and its effect on the future of Iran and Japan relations: "Abe made responsible and serious efforts to expand Iran-Japan relations."

The Iranian ambassador stated: "Based on our experiences in the past, Iran is not worried about a change of prime minister in Japan, because relations between the two countries are always friendly and improving."


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