Jalal and Toyohisa Kozuki

The ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Japan to Russia discussed ways to expand bilateral cooperation.

Iran Press/Europe: During the meeting between 'Kazem Jalali' and 'Toyohisa Kozuki ', the ambassadors of Iran and Japan to Russia, important bilateral, regional, and international issues were discussed.

Referring to US illegal actions against Iran and Washington's attempt to return UN sanctions despite the negative reactions of the international community, especially UN member states, the Iranian ambassador noted: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has been deprived of the political and economic interests of the JCPOA because of the US' stonewalling.

The Japanese Ambassador to Moscow also stressed the constructive role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in establishing and maintaining regional peace and stability.

Abe Shinzo Japanese PM resigned last Friday due to concerns about his physical condition and illness. Abe is Japan's longest-serving head of government in terms of consecutive days in office.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, 03 September, Iranian president's Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi in his tweet stated that the relations between Iran and Japan are long-standing and have always been based on friendship, trust, and mutual respect.

Following the rejection of the US-proposed UN Security Council resolution extending indefinitely the arms embargo on Iran, the United States has put activating the trigger mechanism on its agenda.

Permanent Members of the Security Council have stated that the US does not have the legal right to activate the snapback or trigger mechanism, citing the official withdrawal of the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).


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