Hormozgan (IP) - The Commander of Iranian Army's Air Defense said the country, with its power in detecting the range of radar system, assesses all of the moves by the enemies beyond its national borders.

Iran PressIran news: In a press interview on the sidelines of Zolfaqar-99 Joint Drill on Thursday in Hormozgan, south of Iran, Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard stressed that the army air defense does not allow enemies offending as such it proved in its 8-year-sacred-defense and the recent years. 

Brigadier General Sabahifard said that the air defense achieved all of its objectives based on a determined scenario of the military drill.

He said the air defense unit demanded a hard level of practice and fulfilled its mission successfully. 

"Iranian Army's Air Defense is capable of confronting any aerial vehicle, with any level of flight-height, and with any low radar level," the commander pointed out.  

Nothing can be hidden for the Iranian Army's Air Defense, he noted. 

The Commander of the Iranian Army's Air Defense also praised the missile power of the unit and described it as exemplary. 

The Zulfiqar-99 exercise will be conducted in three stages, intelligence, tactics, and show of power and Ships, submarine, jet fighters, and helicopters, as well as part of the equipment and weapons available in the Army Combat Organization, are present in this exercise.


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