Iran's Army Spokesman Second Admiral Shahram Irani said that in Zulfiqar-99 Army Joint Drill some equipment has been used for the first time.

Iran PressIran news: Second Admiral Irani said on Thursday that for the first time the army uses its domestic intermediate-class submarine 'Fateh' which is supposed to operate against the sub-surface threats. 

In the air-sea field, for the first time, the Simorgh UAV takes part in the drill, and the personnel will apply the drone to confront floating targets, Admiral Irani added.

He also reported the presence of a Kaman UAV at the drills, designed and built by the Army Air Force experts.

Finally, the spokesman referred to the amphibious warfare ships, saying they are optimized and ready to carry out the operation in the Zulfiqar-99 Joint Drill.

The main phase of the Zulfiqar-99 Army Joint Drill began this morning (Thursday) with the slogan "Sustainable Security in the Shadow of Defense Authority" in the southern waters of Iran.


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